Selection of articles published in Poland Today Magazine


Rolling Stones 1967


Leszek Fidusiewicz shares memories of experiencing The Rolling Stones live in Warsaw in 1967, the first time a major Western band performed behind the Iron Curtain.


Legacy to our grandchildren

Business & Economics

Ahead of December’s COP24 UN Climate Change Conference in Katowice, and with air pollution a major challenge facing the country, Poland Today takes a brief look at some of the issues facing the energy sector, and highlights innovative initiatives aiming to turn the tide.


Angels in Poland

Tech & E-mobility

International angel investors are hungry for future-altering technologies in innovation hubs and one UK-based company is harnessing Poland's startup potential.


An air hub for Poland

Transport & Logistics

An international airport with connecting railways and roads seems like a promising project that will propel Poland into the future, but not everyone thinks it’s a great idea.


Building bridges

Business & Economics

Investments between the CEE and China are on the rise. To ensure deals and transactions aren’t lost in translation, Darren Chong, CEE Clients and Markets Director and China Business Group Leader at PwC Polska, helps Polish and Chinese businesses work together.


Business or pleasure? Both, says Gdańsk

Real Estate

In 30 years, the birthplace of the Solidarity movement has transformed into a holiday and business destination for visitors from Poland and abroad. With new investments – including a Holiday Inn Hotel – cropping up and even more in the pipeline, Gdańsk is becoming an ideal place for work and leisure.


World of a difference

Tech & E-mobility

The road to an ecological revolution is long, but Polish companies are determined to reduce the carbon footprint one light bulb and tyre at a time.


#NeonMuzeum: flash from the past


Warsaw’s Neon Muzeum captures the story behind Poland’s unique neon signs and artistic designs that have become urban icons of the communist era.


Centrally connecting continents

Transport & Logistics

Secretary of State Mikołaj Wild, the man responsible for implementing the government’s planned Central Transport Hub, answers the most frequently asked questions about Poland’s immense investment.


The Constitution for Science


Poland Today sat down with Undersecretary of State Piotr Dardziński at the Ministry of Science and Higher Education to shed a light on the new higher education reform.


A sister’s gift of hope


Poland Today spoke with director Anna Zamecka about her debut documentary, Communion.


Future of Higher Education


Two figures in university education in Poland — one Polish, one British — discuss planned changes by the government aimed to improve Polish institutions’ standings in international rankings.


International university enrolment rises


Foreign students are increasingly choosing to study at universities in Poland, attracted by the country’s low cost of living, promising job prospects and high education levels.


Travel lists

Compilations of places for



Romantic destinations to add to your travel bucket list

We searched high and low for the coolest little getaways all over the globe just for two. These intimate hideaways provide the perfect escape from the rest of the tumultuous world where you can focus on what actually matters. Again, these are tiny locations for two – who you invite is up to you, but we advise you to choose wisely!



Where your cooking never tasted this good

Did you ever notice that food always tastes better in someone else’s kitchen? We think so, that’s why we pinned down 10 places all over the world with inspiring kitchens that you can stay where suddenly cooking doesn’t feel like an everyday chore. And let’s be honest, food is always on our minds when we travel. And those who disagree are either lying or they just haven’t had a proper culinary experience...yet.



Ideal for families with kids and adults who are kids at heart

Whoever said treehouses are only for children is clearly delusional. You never outgrow the excitement of sleeping high off the ground, suspended in the air, away from earthly matters unless your name is Mr Kill-Joy. But don’t worry, these aren’t the kind of shoddy structures nailed together by an amateur Bob the Builder. Oh no no no, some of these have air conditioning, ovens and even TVs. But for a total nature reset, there are houses without electricity or running water. Whatever your comfort level, you’ll be surrounded by nature’s greatest attractions. You can expect birdsong, rustling leaves and woodland creatures peeking inside to see what the commotion is about.



Travel back in time without a DeLorean

If you spent the past year binge-watching period pieces on Netflix like us, you’ll fall in love with these revitalized relics tucked away in various corners of the world. From medieval to Victorian, these properties have been given a second life and are entertaining curious guests once again. You don’t need high marks in history to learn a thing or two about the souls who once walked these halls. The hosts will fill you in on the houses' past, present and future.